Торба – Ukrainian Quote on bag – custom 25 variants of quotes – Made in UA

350 грн.




Також ви маєте змогу обрати одну з існуючих цитат і ми дракуємо її на цій ЕКО-торбі в такому ж дізайні (Бажаний варіант цитати зазначте при фінальному оформленні замовлення, або проговоріть з менеджером одразу після телефонного дзвінка)

Можлива міжнародна доставка через ETSY (5-13 робочих днів по всьому світу)

Quote 1:
“Two look down. One sees a puddle, another sees stars.”
— O. Dovzhenko

Quote 2:
In own hut – there’s own truth, own power, own will.
— Taras Shevchenko

Quote 3:
Love comes at our life unexpectedly, without warning, and can disappear with the same surprise and unexpectedness.

Quote 4:
— Volodymyr Vinnichenko
Freedom and love are two bearing wings of poetry! Everything else is only a decoration.
— O Gonchar

Quote 5:
People do not know whom to choose because it is impossible to choose someone from nobody.
— Lina Kostenko

Quote 6:
The words are terrible, when they are silent.
— Lina Kostenko

Quote 7:
We need to live through each day. Do not wait for the cherished date. Burn like fire today, because later may never come.
— Lina Kostenko

Quote 8:
No matter how many years I love, I fall in love with you every day.
— Lina Kostenko

Quote 9:
The family is the primary environment where a person must learn to do good.
— V Sukhomlynsky

Quote 10:
Many people think that peace is the absence of war. But peace is more than that. Peace is also the good relations between people, when we don’t lie to one another, don’t look for profit, don’t wish evil. We should bear peace every day, every day we should establish contacts between people, seek good communication.
— Lyubomyr Husar

Quote 11:
A person is created for happiness like a bird is made for flying.
— Ukrainian proverb

Quote 12:
The truth doesn’t drown in water and doesn’t burn in fire.
— Ukrainian proverb

Quote 13:
Better die in battle than choose the miserable existence of non-essential stepchild of the great historical changes.
— О Dovzhenko

Quote 14:
“Why do I still feel ashamed to relax at where people are working?”
— О Dovzhenko

Quote 15:
“With lies, you can go through the whole world, but without return.”
— Ukrainian proverb

Quote 16:
“Calamities exist to fight them.”
— P Myrny

Quote 17:
“Light can only be seen with enlightened eyes”
— G Skovoroda

Quote 18:
“Better die running than live rotting”
— I. Bagryaniy

Quote 19:
“Courage is not something one can rent”
— L. Kostenko

Quote 20:
“Don’t wait for a convenient moment: your mute might become ignominy”
— D. Pavlychko

Quote 21:
“Illusion is the truth that was passed through the filter of self-righteousness”
— L Deresh

Quote 22:
“Happy is the one who achieved the happy life. The happier one is the one who is able to make use of it.”
— G. Skovoroda

Quote 23:
What, seemingly, are words? The words, the voice, nothing more… But trembles the heart, and comes to life, by hearing them.”
— T Shevchenko

Quote 24:
“There are hundreds of languages, but only one truth””
— M.Rylskiy

Quote 25:
“From love comes creative work, from love comes human happiness”
—O Gonchar